Tax Advice Premiá de Mar

Tax Adviser

The tax department prepares all the taxes and tax obligations of individual and corporate people. The increasingly important tax burden for individuals and companies makes it necessary to devote preferential attention to this department, and therefore, we are specialised in the constant and dynamic consulting and planning of your company, solving all doubts within the tax environment, and representing our customers before the Tax Control Authorities and other bodies.

The details of the services we offer go as follows

Tax Advisory

Preparation of direct taxes

– Personal Income Tax
– Wealth Tax
– Corporation Tax
– Inheritance and Gift Tax

Preparation of indirect taxes

– Value Added Tax
– Capital Transfers and Documented Legal Acts Tax
– Special taxes

Preparation of local taxes

– Business Activities Tax
– Property Tax
– Vehicle Excise Duty
– Tax on the increase in the value of land

Preparation of Deductions on the Personal Income Tax

Preparation of resources, attendance and representation in tax inspections