18 de October de 2016 By webmastergafic

Subsidy for Employment Promotion for 2016

Dear customers,

In order to have that knowledge, the state that the grant is effective for the promotion of employment and the deadline for applications is 31st October for companies Premia de Mar.

The main conditions to be eligible for this grant are:
a) the company made a business or professional activity and have their workplace in Premia de Mar

b) in 2016 entered into an employment contract with a worker unemployed, registered in the job of the City of Premia de Mar and that the worker has a minimum of three months in the bag working

c) the worker is registered in Premia de Mar with a minimum of 6 months.

d) The contract has an initial term of at least six months

The specific rules and required documentation can be found at the following link on the Council website:


Also, please note that published an informational brochure is www.premiactiva.com

We appreciate your cooperation, receive a cordial greeting

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