Odoo / OpenErp


What is Odoo/OpenErp?

Software De Gestión


EL ERP open source world more widespread.
– 0 € in licensing costs
– No backdoors. 100% Secure and reliable (access code)
– Modular and extensible
– Multiplatform

Its functioning is modular and, as a result, we can install and use the different modules we are offered as we need them. Among other available modules, there is an accounting and financial area, purchases, stock, CRM, human resources, sales management, projects management, order management, among many others that we can add in order to create the perfect software for your company

What benefits does Odoo bring?

We want your business to focus on operating the machinery needed to increase productivity, stand out from the competition and maximize profits. In a socioeconomic context like this, it is essential to have free tools, without licensing costs to enable it achieve those goals. This program will allow us to increase worker productivity and business, reduce inventories, order time, time customer sales, decreased purchases and has no license cost because it is open source, and many other advantages they will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your company.

Why Odoo?

Odoo is a complete business management system (ERP) that meets the needs of the areas of accounting, sales, purchasing, and storage, among others.
Odoo supports multiple companies, multiple currencies and multiple accounts. It also incorporates document management functionality to streamline collaboration between departments and teams within the company; and can work remotely through a web interface from any Internet-connected computer. OpenERP is currently translated into more than 30 languages ​​and has multilanguage support, which can be assigned ausuarios system, customers or suppliers.

What services do we offer?

GAFIC SLP is the first comprehensive advice to offer its customers everything they need to do a deployment with guarantees, consulting, support, training and practical advice erp and counseling Odoo in accounting and taxation specific to that program. The aim of this service is that their advice has knowledge of your business management program, to connect to their accounts to modify, correct or verify, can instantly solve all the doubts that have to perform accounting.

The most important benefits to customers GAFIC+Odoo, no added cost are:

– Accounting for payroll, closures, amortization and other more complicated than we do seats directly to your database from GAFIC.
– Configuration, review and introduction of taxes, cost accounting or analytical.
– No investment of time and trouble to prepare taxes quarterly, annual, balance sheets, closures, amortization and any documentation or accounting and tax bureaucracy.
– Agility and customer communications advisor.
– Advice for the development of new modules and updating computing tax and accounting news.

Also, the option to outsource the accounting department of your company fully or partially, as a result of the accounting service is offered electronically. An example of this service would be performing the bank reconciliation for the advice, greatly reducing the time devoted to your business meet the commercial and tax obligations.

Thanks to this service, your company’s corporate costs are reduced and a good functioning of your company regarding the commercial, accounting and tax areas is ensured.

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