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SEPA works as Odoo OpenERP

The steps in OpenERP are:

1) Bank Account and mandate client / supplier:
– First have indicated bank account IBAN each customer or supplier
– Attach the section “Direct Debit Mandates” (The mandate is the authorization has been
– Select Type Mandate
1) Applicant (If a share or more charges will be made)
2) Single (authorization for single use)
– Type sequence for the next pay
1) Initial: (The first if appellant is not used, usually always newspaper noted)
2) Newspaper (The most used and to be selected)
3) Final (The latest twist in the case of a termination of the contract, are not commonly used)
– Outline:
1) Basic (CORE): usual standard.
2) Business (B2B): used only for business and need special document signed B2B.
– Date of the mandate
– Scanning the command: You must select and upload a pdf or left to save.
– Once this all filled, you can save and validate.

2) Generate the consignment to send to the bank:
– Go to Accounting / Money / Money / Create
– Reference: Put the name of the consignment
– Payment Mode select which have saved either be created using the following guidelines:
– Name: Provide the name: eg Resident Fee Receipt “Banco Sabadell”
– Journal: Select the journal of the previous bank “Banco Sabadell”
– Bank Account: Select the bank account of previous bank “Banco Sabadell”
– Export Type:
1) For collections: SEPA Direct Debit v02 (recommended)
2) For payments: SEPA Credit Transfer v03 (recommended)

3) Select the invoices to remit
– In the window to generate the consignment, click on the button BILLS
– It appears the expiration date you want to select, for example, June 30, 2015 (We search all bills with maturities above 30 June 2015).
– Click Search button
– And we invoices appear
– Click on button “add to warrant”
– We are in the consignment all bills, we can eliminate lines not want domicile for different reasons.
– Click Confirm payments and SEPA shipment we generate the file to send to the bank.

4) As accounting for receipts or payments?
– Go to Accounting / Bank and Safety / Bank Statements / Create.
– Referring put the name of the extract
– The date and time in which we have gained in our bank receipts
– Select the day of our bank
– We click the button to import lines, Add an item, and we movements reconcile payment or pending charges appear.
– Los we add to the OK button and the button can be reconciled and reconciling like a normal bank statement.

NOTE: You can use bridges accounts, or remove the line of income or payment of bank statement downloaded to not duplicate accounting entries.

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