5 de September de 2018 By webmastergafic

Plan for Decent Work

Dear Client,

The Master Plan for Decent Work includes, as an essential part thereof, a Shock Plan against temporary fraudulent hiring that occurs in certain companies.

Basically, we want to avoid and control current temporary contracts in all companies by sending notices to companies to regularize the status of their temporary employees.

The most relevant cases to review are:

  • Works or Service contracts in force, and above all those that exceed 48 months.
  • Contracts that have made two or more previous temporary contracts in the same company.

As a general rule, a temporary contract that exceeds 6 months may be questioned by the inspection. It is recommended employment contracts such as entrepreneurship that is indefinite with a trial period of one year.

Consequently, it must regularize as soon as possible the situation of the temporary workers of his company, to avoid inspections of the Social Security.

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