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New Product Type Reduced 10%

New clause eighth to annex LIVA. (List of products that applies the reduced rate of 10%)

• The eyeglasses, contact lenses and products needed for use, care and maintenance.
• Lancing devices, automatic reading devices glucose level, insulin delivery devices and other devices for self-control and treatment of diabetes.
• Devices for self-monitoring of ketone bodies and blood clotting and other devices of self-control and treatment of debilitating as morphine infusion systems and oncology drugs.
• urine collection bags, incontinence pads and other systems for urinary and fecal incontinence, including irrigation systems.
• Prosthetics, orthotics, orthoprosthesis and surgical implants, particularly those under the Royal Decree 1030/2006, of 15 September, on the portfolio of common services of the National Health System and method for updating states, including their components and accessories.
• The cannula tracheostomy and laryngectomy.
• therapeutic and Wheelchairs and the antiescaras and harnesses for the use thereof, crutches, walkers and cranes to move people with disabilities cushions.
• Platform lifts, wheelchair lifts, stair chairs adapters, portable ramps and freestanding bars onto itself.
• Devices and other appliances for reducing injuries or internal defects such as jockstraps and compression garments for varicose veins.
• Devices for home dialysis treatment and respiratory therapy.
• Doctors, aids and other appliances equipment, intended to compensate for a defect or disability, which are designed for personal and exclusive use of persons with visual and hearing impairment.
• The following products are designed to support personal and exclusive use of persons with physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairment:
• Assistive products for dressing and undressing: shoehorns and bootjacks with special handles to reach the ground, hangers, hooks and rods to hold clothes in a fixed position.
• Assistive products for toileting: hikes, armrests and backrests for the toilet.
• Assistive products for washing, bathing and showering: brushes and sponges with special handles, bath or shower chairs, bath boards, stools, support products to reduce the length or depth of the tub, support bars and handles.
• Assistive products to enable the use of new information technologies and communication, as mice by cephalic or eye movements, keyboards high contrast buttons blink, software to enable writing and device management for people with motor disabilities severe through the voice.
• Assistive products and devices that enable people with motor disabilities gripping, action, reach for objects: long gripper and gripping adapters.
• functional stimulators.

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