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How to calculate the model 347 in Odoo?

Dear customers,
Here we detail the process for generating the file to the presentation model 347 or Odoo OpenERP website hacienda or to provide information to their advice.
First of all, it is important to have the l10n_es_aeat_mod347 module’s own repository OCA branch l10n-spain Spanish location.

In calculating, reviewing and presentation of the model 347, you can follow these steps:
1) Go to accounting / Report / Legal Information / Statements AEAT / Model 347
2) Click the New button
3) A screen like the following, which is important to fill the following fields, as shown in the picture:
– Exercise
– Type of period: Annual
– Periods: all the year
– NIF of the legal representative (optional)
– Contact details: Name and telephone
– Mark the group by NIF box: FRS possible duplicates to group corresponding to the same customer or supplier.
– Click calculate button

Once calculated, it will show in the tab BUSINESS REGISTRATION AND REGISTRATION OF PROPERTY (if applicable), the total number of customers and suppliers that have exceeded € 3,000 the previous year.
Also, we appear in the top center PRINT menu button, which allows you to generate a report for review and quarterly totals.

NOTE 1: A key supplier means. The key B is customer. There are more keys less common for grants, travel …
NOTE 2: Remember that the amount to be declared is Base + VAT, and is not required to declare suppliers or customers declared in other taxes such as vacation retention, retention invoices, intra, intra-EU services and declared in model 296 and etc … As a rule, companies that have submitted Form 340, are not required to file the informational tax Odoo 347.

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