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How to automate the accounting of the remittance of invoices

We will show how to automate the accounting of the remittance of invoices drawn to collect by means of a SEPA bank remittance. The objective is to optimize the standard Odoo process with a simple module and a simple configuration.

First we proceed to install the following module: account_banking_payment_transfer. This module enables the option to include a countable account in the payment mode, see image below. In this way the process to generate invoices to later remit the collection and post it is simplified (payment works exactly the same):

Steps to follow:

1) We generate the invoices with their payment method, bank account and SEPA mandate that can be predefined in the customer / supplier file.
2) We create the collection order in Accounting / Payment / Collection Orders, selecting the payment method. In this payment mode, we can edit / configure the countable and daily account desired.
NOTE: It is recommended to use a bridge account 431000 and a bridge journal for example “Direct debit receipts bank XXX”. In this way, movements through this process are very clear and separated.
3) Once we validate the payment order, the program marks us as paid the invoices and transfers the pending “debt” of the account 430 of the client to the account 431.
4) Once we receive the money in the bank account, by means of the bank statement we proceed to click on the “select counterpart” button in the lower part of the bank’s income movement in the CONCILIAR window, and we indicate the account 4310000.
5) We review the notes of the account 4310000, by means of accounting notes, the greater or balance sums and balances, according to whether the current balance of the account is 0 €, or that there are the same operations of MUST that of HABER.

We hope this mini guide will be useful, being at your disposal for any questions or doubts about it.

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