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Grants for internationalization

To consider that maybe of interest to you then detail the recently opened two calls for help :

One . – Internationalization projects in E.E.U.U. Spanish companies
It subsidizes ?

Projects internationalization of Spanish companies in the United States that are in one of two cases:

a) have already established a subsidiary , may not be the date of incorporation of the same in the previous 9.1.2012
b) belong to the sectors of biotechnology, nanotechnology , ICT , digital content and other areas of technology without having already formed subsidiary .


concepts eligible

– Expenses and preopening previous constitution as perhaps : incorporation expenses , feasibility studies , consultancy , certification and homologation costs . wages and salaries , external advice rents.

– Perhaps as promotional expenses : market research , promotional and publicity materials , advertising, promotional activities , participation in fairs and congresses.

– Legal defense costs and brand recognition as perhaps : registration of patents and trademarks , the defense of the brand, approval and certification.

The grant
35 % of eligible items with a ceiling of 65,000 euros per company .

We subsidize the costs incurred by the company during 2013.

Deadline for applications
Until 9 December 2013 .


It subsidizes ?
The inclusion of experts in the field of international trade export business departments with the challenge of starting or consolidating its international business by incorporating a professional representative who supports the introduction to foreign markets .

Key Features:
The hiring manager has to be after the application of the grant and must occur in the years 2013 or 2014.
The activities funded will last one year from the date of hiring the coach .
The companies that will hire a technician to do it for a minimum of one year full-time with a minimum gross annual salary of € 18,000 .
The objective of the contract between the company and the manager must be related to the export activity of the company and must be clearly specified in the contract. The professional category must be consistent with the function to be developed.
The technician will be hired to develop their career within the Department of International
Company in Catalonia . Under no circumstances will subsidize hiring a technician to be expatriated .

Small and medium companies operating in Catalonia property that have an industrial , commercial or service .

Eligible expenditure :
Wage cost of the technician contracted by the beneficiary company to help start or strengthen the internationalization of the business activity , including the gross salary and mandatory social contributions to Social Security by the company.

Intensity of aid :
Up to 50 % of the cost of the technician hired by the company up to $ 10,000 .

Deadline for applications:
Until 17 February 2014.

We are at your disposal for further information on these two calls.


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