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10 Years Using Odoo

10 years using Odoo

This year we celebrated 10 years since we started using accounting with Odoo, the free software ERP that is used by more than 4 million users worldwide, Open ERP now called Odoo. We continue collaborating more than ever, we are…

Learn How To Optimize Accounting With Odoo

Learn how to optimize accounting with Odoo

In this manual we will summarize how to organize invoices correctly, how to account for agile and secure invoices, guidelines for bank reconciliation and, most importantly, how to review all the data entered in Odoo and verify that the accounting…

Odoo Accounting Manual

Odoo accounting manual

Dear Client, Here we present an Odoo accounting manual, which explains in several chapters the entire billing section, create sales and purchase invoices, as well as Odoo bank reconciliation through bank statement, plus other useful and necessary information to carry…

Com Configurar La Prorrata En Odoo

Com configurar la prorrata en Odoo

What is the pro rata and who applies it?? Being on an IVA pro rata means that I can not deduct all deductible VAT, usually because not all of my sales are VAT. Therefore, a company that rents floors and…

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