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Deductible expenses

The deductibility depends to a large extent on the activity performed by the professional. And it should be noted that you can only deduct expenses when we have the invoice. (Legal content of the invoice to be able to deduct expenses)

Main deductible expenses:

  • Office supplies
  • Supplies (in case of affecting the house to the activity, consult your tax and accounting advisor)
  • Advertising
  • Management services
  • Self-employed fee
  • Insurance premiums (including premiums that cover spouses and children under 25, up to a maximum of € 500 or € 1500 if there is a member in the family with a disability)
  • Expenses related to personnel (Social security, salaries, etc.)
  • Interest on loans
  • Conservation and repair (improvements are not deductible)
  • Taxes and non-state surcharges
  • Balances of doubtful collection (provided that this circumstance is sufficiently justified)
  • Donations
  • Training courses related to the activity of the taxpayer
  • Amortization

Before deducting the various expenses, we recommend consulting your advice to review the different cases of each deduction.


The Autonomous Law provides, in general, that the self-employed worker may deduct the amount of 26.67 euros per day if the expense occurs in Spain or 48.08 euros if it is abroad. Quantity that, in turn, doubles if in addition to the displacement is spent.

Payment must be made in electronic format or with food vouchers to be deductible.


The self-employed worker can also deduct VAT from the expenses of his private vehicle. Attention! Gasoline, insurance, parking, tolls and maintenance in general, can be deducted but only 50%. For more information, consult our accounting and tax expert.

If the vehicle is used for the transport of passengers or goods, the self-employed person may deduct all the expenses generated. You can see the complete news in the news section.


If the activity is carried out in your habitual residence, it is possible to deduct the expenses associated with it, but not in its entirety.

The mortgage, supplies, telephone and internet are some of the deductible expenses. In the case of wanting to partially affect your home, consult our tax and accounting advisor at GAFIC, SLP.


To all those companies (many) that the VAT is deducted from the simplified invoices (in which the recipient’s data are not included) that are usually delivered to restaurants, taxis, etc. This recent response from the DGT (V2607-18 – 25/09/2018) will be good for you.

It asks whether it is possible for the issuer of a simplified invoice to complete the data indicated in Article 7.2 of the Billing Regulation manually after the simplified invoice has been printed. And the DGT replies that nothing prevents that part of the invoice is completed manually even if it was created using mechanical or electronic means.

“Therefore, the consultant may manually complete (by pen) the invoices after their printing, and these will not be considered an invoice for the purpose of the tax when it contains the specific mentions provided in articles 6 or, where appropriate, 7 of the Billing regulation and guarantee the authenticity of its origin and the integrity of its content in the terms indicated “.

Do you want to know the main deductible expenses in invoice? Check with the Gafic team what expenses are likely to be deducted.