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Creating and setting taxes, tax codes and tax positions OpenERP Odoo

Here we present the new tax settings OpenERP and Odoo by GAFIC, SLP as accountants and tax consultants specializing in Odoo / OpenERP, modifying and adapting all taxes, tax codes and tax positions in current legality of April 2015 including last modified VAT resellers tablets, phones, consoles and computers with reverse charge.

With this configuration, Pedro Manuel Baeza and Free Factor, have generated the XML file taxes as well as improved and adapted OpenERP module for versions 7.0 and 8.0 Odoo of account_Chart_update. Thank you very much for the joint collaboration of all companies and the result obtained.

The main improvements that can be found when upgrading to this version Odoo our 2015 taxes are as follows:

– Improved display and management of the tax table, displaying the results of each tax or model as a result of VAT 303 and their corresponding tax bases, withholdings as the model 111, 115, 123, additional data necessary for making the annual summaries of VAT 390. It also allows viewing and exporting information for models 349, 216 and 296.

– Configured all possible taxes at national and international levels, both buying and selling of goods and services, with corresponding mappings.
– Splitting of the main sales tax as I passed 21%, 21% resulting impact of goods, services and investment of Taxpayer for the new law affects reseller Tablets, game consoles, phones and laptops goods. It is important to correctly set the taxes of each product to make subsequent mappings correctly according to the fiscal position assigned to each customer or vendor.
– Splitting of retentions: deductions, occupational and leases the correct division necessary for making different models 111, 115 and 123 of deductions
– New withholding taxes imposed such as the 19% income tax, personal income tax 20% for leases, retaining 15% for professional, personal income tax 1% for modules, among others.
– New taxes and tax codes as well as modifying existing for the proper completion of the model information 303 based on all your boxes as well as creation and adaptation of new current model 303 boxes such as: Creating boxes services and intra-Community goods, non-EU, base modifications and quotas …
– Creation of all possible tax positions and proper mapping accounts for automation conversion taxes according to the defined fiscal position. For example, automatic mapping of the sale and purchase of intra and extra services, Reverse charges for resellers …

In short, all previous settings should enable your database OpenERP and Odoo win agility and tax accounting for the preparation of their taxes and their corresponding reports which can fulfill any tax or tax obligation your company.

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