Category: Tax Advice

12 de February de 2018

Taxation of digital currency

Summary of the current situation of taxation of digital currency. Check how you must correctly declare in Spain the taxes on your transactions with bitcoins, ethereums or the like.  Thanks, GAFIC, SLP Your tax, accounting and labor advice in Barcelona and Madrid.

8 de February de 2018

lei code

CODE LEI Operational for the presentation of applications, portability and renewals of the Code LEI in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona As of January 3, 2018, the European legislation on the identification of legal entities enters into force, which establishes the need to have a […]

5 de February de 2018

Tax News 2018

In this document we call the modifications that may be applicable to the standards that the State published on December 29, 2017 and earlier.   1.-The most relevant modifications published in Royal Decree 1074/2017 are. Applicable to the IRPF of 2017 a) The study expenses […]

20 de November de 2017

232 Model of information on transactions with related persons or entities.

We present the new model 232 of information on transactions with related persons or entities. Taxpayers of Corporation Tax and Non-Resident Income Tax must file model 232 before November 30, reporting the total of transactions they have made in 2016 with related companies, provided they […]

21 de January de 2017

Deferment Uncertainty Hacienda for SMEs

Dear customers, Before going, note that due to the great uncertainty and little legal certainty in the possibility of deferment of taxes by the SMEs, we recommend that the best option in case of needing a deferral is to consult and process it with your […]

21 de December de 2016

End Deferments of Finance for SMEs

Dear customers, The result of the Council of Ministers held on 2 December was Royal Decree Law 3/2016, 2 December, which eliminates the possibility of deferring or splitting the taxes passed and a tightening of the deferment regime for the taxpayer. This legislation, however, left […]