Category: Tax Advice

28 de November de 2018

Invoices and VAT deductible

In the next post, we will treat the data to take into account when making an invoice and when we can deduct the VAT on our invoices. Everything you need to know is detailed below. You must know that every businessman, professional or freelance is […]

19 de November de 2018

AEAT News 2018-2019

AEODOO was at the meeting of developers of the AEAT (Spanish Agency of Tax Administration). In this meeting, multiple changes that directly affect specific or general sectors were discussed. This article will detail those changes that directly affect Odoo (professional software for agencies and their […]

16 de November de 2018

Presentation of Odoo on AEDAF

Learn more about Odoo, a definitive software for the global management of your company, that adapts to your needs and those of your company. There are more than 4 million users who trust Odoo and use it in their daily management in order to optimize […]

14 de November de 2018

Registration in Professional Colleges

Registration in Professional Colleges In the first place, a professional association is a non-profit civil association, formed by professionals from a single branch, interested in grouping themselves to work for the benefit of their profession. They were created to carry out an independent and impartial […]

9 de November de 2018

Linked operation Model 232

What is meant by linked operation? In order to prepare model 232 regarding related-party transactions, it is important to understand that a related transaction is an operation to purchase goods and services made between natural and legal persons with some type of relationship. Operations between […]

14 de February de 2018

How to register a bakery, bakery or cupcakes in the Treasury?

There are bakeries or bakerys that offer tasting service in the premises, and other bakeries that do not have space for tasting, so they only sell the product of the bakery. We will explain the taxation and taxation of moon bakery with tasting: What activity […]