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27 de noviembre de 2018

Local opening license

The license for local opening and activity is a document that certifies compliance with the rules of habitability and use of the activity, it is a mandatory municipal license to exercise a commercial, industrial or service activity. If the activity is changed or the business […]

15 de noviembre de 2018

Autonomous bonuses in 2018

Are you autonomous and want to know what are your autonomous bonuses for this 2018? Then keep reading! In this post you will find the information you are looking for about applying for the benefits for freelancers and discounts in the social security quota. You […]

14 de noviembre de 2018

Registration in Professional Colleges

Registration in Professional Colleges In the first place, a professional association is a non-profit civil association, formed by professionals from a single branch, interested in grouping themselves to work for the benefit of their profession. They were created to carry out an independent and impartial […]

11 de diciembre de 2012


ORGANIZATION AND OPERATION OF YOUR BILLS NOW A) Organization of files: 1. National Expenditures with various sundries 2. Shopping Providers 3. Import purchases (China, USA, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla …, all non European Community) 4. Intra-Community acquisitions (European Community) 5. National Sales 6. Intra-Community […]