Category: Labour advisory

13 de May de 2019

How to register employees’ workday

Dear client, The new legislation has been approved, the employer requires the registration of the days of workers with part-time and full-time contracts. Failure to comply with this obligation results in sanctions by the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate, then we will summarize how to […]

14 de November de 2018

Registration in Professional Colleges

Registration in Professional Colleges In the first place, a professional association is a non-profit civil association, formed by professionals from a single branch, interested in grouping themselves to work for the benefit of their profession. They were created to carry out an independent and impartial […]

5 de September de 2018

Self-employed persons obliged to register in the RED System

Dear customers, From October 1, 2018, self-employed workers must complete their procedures with the General Treasury of Social Security by electronic means, including the receipt and management of notifications. Therefore, it is very important that you come to our agency with your electronic ID with […]

5 de September de 2018

Plan for Decent Work

Dear Client, The Master Plan for Decent Work includes, as an essential part thereof, a Shock Plan against temporary fraudulent hiring that occurs in certain companies. Basically, we want to avoid and control current temporary contracts in all companies by sending notices to companies to […]

15 de May de 2017

Change of criteria in the Daily Record of Hours of the Full Day

Dear customers, We have already informed in our previous notice of the publication of two judgments of the National Court that had led to the Labor Inspection requiring the daily recording of hours, not only part-time workers, but also those others who They are full-time. […]

23 de December de 2016

Obligation to register the working day of the workers

Dear customers, Recent rulings by the Audiencia Nacional have been establishing the obligation of companies to keep a comprehensive record of all their workers in relation to the hours of presence and this regardless of the type of workday performed by the worker, or overtime […]