Category: Grants ans scholarships

12 de December de 2017

Aids for I+D 2017 and 2018

Dear customers, Below we present three aids that may be of your interest: HELP INTENDED FOR R & D PROJECTS IN INDIVIDUAL REGIME OR IN COLLABORATION WITH OTHER COMPANIES What is subsidized? The creation of a product, process or service close to the market, that […]

18 de October de 2016

Subsidy for Employment Promotion for 2016

Dear customers, In order to have that knowledge, the state that the grant is effective for the promotion of employment and the deadline for applications is 31st October for companies Premia de Mar. The main conditions to be eligible for this grant are: a) the […]

18 de September de 2016

End of Surcharge unique bonuses and social security

Dear customer, Firstly suppression for companies implementing nearly all reductions in Social Security payments for hiring, job retention or promotion of self-employment and, where appropriate, joint collection fees, which are being applied to 15 July 2012, by virtue of any rule in force or repealed, […]

16 de November de 2015

Bonus social security contributions research personnel R & D + i

What you get? 40% in business contributions to Social Security contributions for common contingencies concerning the research staff. Target: Tax deduction for expenses incurred in obtaining new products or processes, as well as the substantial improvement thereof. The corporate bonus shares to Social Security contributions […]

15 de May de 2014

Aid to SMEs

In brief the largest bulk of aid to SMEs were published. Among the subjects of aid include: – Creation and / or improved products. – Recruitment of research staff. – Building companies. – Purchase of fixed assets. – Industrial investment. – Internationalization. – Collaboration with […]

25 de November de 2013

Grants for internationalization

To consider that maybe of interest to you then detail the recently opened two calls for help : One . – Internationalization projects in E.E.U.U. Spanish companies It subsidizes ? Projects internationalization of Spanish companies in the United States that are in one of two […]