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17 de enero de 2018

Com configurar la prorrata en Odoo

Què és la prorrata i qui l’aplica? Estar en prorrata d’IVA vol dir que no em puc deduir la totalitat de la meva IVA deduïble, normalment perquè no totes les meves vendes són amb IVA. Per tant, una empresa que lloga pisos i locals, es […]

12 de diciembre de 2017

Aids for I+D 2017 and 2018

Dear customers, Below we present three aids that may be of your interest: HELP INTENDED FOR R & D PROJECTS IN INDIVIDUAL REGIME OR IN COLLABORATION WITH OTHER COMPANIES What is subsidized? The creation of a product, process or service close to the market, that […]

20 de noviembre de 2017

232 Model of information on transactions with related persons or entities.

We present the new model 232 of information on transactions with related persons or entities. Taxpayers of Corporation Tax and Non-Resident Income Tax must file model 232 before November 30, reporting the total of transactions they have made in 2016 with related companies, provided they […]

15 de mayo de 2017

Change of criteria in the Daily Record of Hours of the Full Day

Dear customers, We have already informed in our previous notice of the publication of two judgments of the National Court that had led to the Labor Inspection requiring the daily recording of hours, not only part-time workers, but also those others who They are full-time. […]

22 de abril de 2015

SEPA works as Odoo OpenERP

The steps in OpenERP are: 1) Bank Account and mandate client / supplier: – First have indicated bank account IBAN each customer or supplier – Attach the section «Direct Debit Mandates» (The mandate is the authorization has been – Select Type Mandate 1) Applicant (If […]

28 de marzo de 2015

Creating and setting taxes, tax codes and tax positions OpenERP Odoo

Here we present the new tax settings OpenERP and Odoo by GAFIC, SLP as accountants and tax consultants specializing in Odoo / OpenERP, modifying and adapting all taxes, tax codes and tax positions in current legality of April 2015 including last modified VAT resellers tablets, […]