Category: Administrative Management

27 de September de 2014


On Saturday July 5 has been published Royal Decree-Law 8/2014, of 4 July, approving urgent measures for growth, competitiveness and efficiency. In the same few measures planned tax reform forward. • It exempts from income tax with effect from 14.1.01 and earlier not prescribed, in […]

8 de April de 2014

E-payroll in your company

Quick And fast Stop wasting time sending each employee payroll and save prints payroll sending mail directly to the worker. Choose an option: 1) We can send directly to your employee payroll. 2) We send the payroll the company and with our online application you […]

16 de December de 2013

Single Payment and Collection System (SEPA)

Dear Customer , You have probably already received bank details on the Single Payment and Collection System in Euros – SEPA , which will be mandatory from 1 February 2014 . For GAFIC , having as a way to collect client fees , the direct […]

11 de March de 2013

Nomina administrator manager in Spain

Then we want to expose a problem that must be considered in relation to a situation that occurs easily in small businesses. I am an administrator and manager According to Treasury, when a company manager and the manager are the same person, the manager functions […]

22 de January de 2013

New banking service

Dear customer, Offering a new service Gafic SLP who has decided to accede to you to be able to have a person of confidence before banks and insurance. The service offered by the “Angel Bank” is to make available to each customer a lawyer or […]

13 de December de 2012

Online courses and training with INICIUS

Dear customer, We extend this letter to inform you that we have reached an agreement with Inicius Training. From now you can enjoy a no cost service training and consulting service for an unbeatable price. From Inicius Training needs are aware that today companies have […]