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14 de febrero de 2018

How to register a bakery, bakery or cupcakes in the Treasury?

There are bakeries or bakerys that offer tasting service in the premises, and other bakeries that do not have space for tasting, so they only sell the product of the bakery. We will explain the taxation and taxation of moon bakery with tasting: What activity […]

12 de febrero de 2018

Taxation of digital currency

Summary of the current situation of taxation of digital currency. Check how you must correctly declare in Spain the taxes on your transactions with bitcoins, ethereums or the like.  Thanks, GAFIC, SLP Your tax, accounting and labor advice in Barcelona and Madrid.

21 de enero de 2017

Deferment Uncertainty Hacienda for SMEs

Dear customers, Before going, note that due to the great uncertainty and little legal certainty in the possibility of deferment of taxes by the SMEs, we recommend that the best option in case of needing a deferral is to consult and process it with your […]

16 de diciembre de 2015

Amortization applicable in 2016

Dear customers, Con los períodos impositivos iniciados be effective from 01 January 2015 establishing a new, more simplified tabla amortization of the above, applicable to every Patrimoniales Parts. I consulted tax advice Barcelona, GAFIC, SLP Advising companies since 1985

12 de agosto de 2015

Dropshipping Spanish company European Community

Dear customers, We remind the accounting and tax to comply if your company has cases dropshipping with another country of the European Union procedure. What does dropshipping with another country in the European Union? To explain this we will use an example: You have a […]

16 de julio de 2015

Withholding July 2015 Professional, rent ….

Dear customers, We enclose Summary table: Reduced specific types of retention apply from July 12, 2015, published on Saturday. Performance types Hold until July 12, 2015 Retention from July 12, 2015 Income from professional activities 19,00% 15,00% Income from professional activities by starting activities 9,00% […]