18 de June de 2015 By webmastergafic

As post an import Odoo

Dear customers,

Import bills have to account according to the DUA not according to the invoice the importer. To do this, we detail the best way to post an invoice import and Odoo OpenERP.

1) Posting the tax base and VAT DUA thereof against the supplier of imports. If there are tariffs, lines can be added on the invoice VAT-free type.
2) Post the tax base of the bill customs broker or consignee with the corresponding VAT, not including new import VAT and duties previously held in point 1).

3) To reconcile, we recommend reconcile together from configuration / accounting entries / accounting entries both the supplier’s invoice and the invoice of customs agent.

NOTE: If there is a difference between the base of the actual import bill and the base contained in the SAD at the moment of conciliation we can create mismatches against the account 60000 purchase of merchandise.

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