Are you Implanter? Working together!

That accounting is not a problem in OpenERP
It is possible!

Since 2010 we are working with key developers and Odoo OpenERP in Spain. We highlight two services that you may need:
1) We provide support and training for all versions of OpenERP 4.2, 5.0, 6.0, 6.1, 7.0, 8.0 and Odoo.
2) We offer tax, accounting advice, employment and tax preparation, based on OpenERP and Odoo

We can work with you if you are a developer Odoo in Spain send a message now with no obligation


We want developers may have more success in your projects, fidelicéis your clients and implementations is as pleasant as possible regarding accounting and ERP functionality.


Because we understand and “speak the same language” as the financial, accounting and administrative departments of your client. For over 30 years advising companies and also know the operation, configuration, procedures and philosophy flows OpenERP / Odoo.


With attendance / remote training and support OpenERP accounting directly or indirectly to their customers or implementer company. Resolve all doubts of customers and developers, we explain how the program entirely or only the accounting module works, we teach squeeze all accounting options such as: reports, bank statements, debits, pivot tables, boards, information to file … also we conduct tax audit and review briefly installed modules and advise the implanter installing several accounting modules that will ask accountants, as reports in Excel, current taxes, new tax table, SEPA, bank statements , among other features.


We support you before and during start using ticketing system, in person, email, telephone, skype, and video hangout. In addition, if your client works with our services agency, you will get the following benefits and prevent the developer explanations and accounting issues:
– Make any tax is simplified: send an email. CFATF reviewed, verified data, and manufactures the file and presentation of all your customer taxes.
– Let your advice and your company to work on the same program and database, avoiding duplication of work and saving time in managing your business.
– Knowledge and advisory support of Erp used by your company.
– Accounting for payroll, closures, amortization and other more complicated seats that we do directly to your database from CFATF.
– Agility and client communication consultant.
– Communication with the implementer of the program on development of new modules and updating computer tax and accounting news.
– Helps detect malfunctions or bugs OpenERP.

Express your Odoo 100%!

Know and use everything he does Odoo and accounting modules as Odoo meets all formal accounting requirements and obligations of the Spanish legislation, we use 100% of the ERP and our customers to see the great potential of the tool level Global and accounting.
Our client buys time in processes such as bank statements, reports and pivot tables, cost accounting, budget accounting, among other sections.

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