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Aid grants in 2013

Dear Customer,

Accompany a brief presentation of the main topics that will be subsidized in this 2013.

Taking advantage of these aids is the best way to recover the effort made by your company both in human capital as material means.

We offer you the experience of a specialist company for 24 years in aid management and to guide you on how to properly focus on your project or investment.

The can help you:
– Advice, management and processing of all aid and subsidies to the different administrations (local, state, and community) make available to the Small and Medium Enterprises.
– Preparation of documentation supporting the aid received from the different administrations.
– Implementation of a methodology for tariff relief on R & D expenses in the income tax.
– Adaptation to compliance with Data Protection Act (LOPD *).

The main features of the call for aid to industrial investment, because of its importance in as far as budget, I think maybe of interest to you:

SMEs including micro.

Type of actions financed

1. – Creation, expansion or relocation of industrial establishments. In the case of expansion and transfer of industrial, applicants will need to have previous industrial activity.

Creation means an industrial establishment which involve the start of a new industrial activity anywhere in the national territory generating new jobs associated with this property.

Expansion means those investments made by companies already enjoy a productive activity anywhere in the country to expand its production capacity or by installing on-site industrial manufacturing new product lines differentiated with respect to usually occurs already.

Transfer means the change of location, bound anywhere in the country, existing industrial establishments. This move has to lead to a reduction of the environmental impact of production, or an increase in production capacity or integration into a single establishment manufacturing lines.

Two. – Investments structured improvement plans in industrial companies how to:

– Incorporation of innovative products and processes to industrial scale production.
– Implementation of advanced production systems.
– Increasing the energy efficiency of products throughout their useful life or the production process.
– Reduction of waste generation.
– Optimization of consumption of raw materials and materials.
– Reducing the environmental impact of products throughout their life, through the application of ecodesign.
– Advance adaptation to future Community standards production.

Expenses eligible for aid:

1. – In the case of creation, expansion or relocation of industrial establishments:

– Civil works: urbanization and channeling investments.
– Building: construction, expansion or adjustment of industrial buildings and facilities and equipment not directly linked to production.
– Property and equipment directly associated with the production, excluding transportation items outside.

Two. – Investment For structured improvement plans in industrial companies:

– Tangible assets: Investment in plant and equipment lambs directly linked to the proposed improvements.
– Intangible assets: Assets related to technology transfer such as the acquisition of patents, licenses, know-how or unpatented technical knowledge.
– Development engineering costs how: Expenditures house or by contract, subcontract, costs of materials, you supply and similar products.

Completion time of the proceedings:

Maximum 18 months from the decision to grant aid.

Minimum budget of investments:

100,000 euros for an SME (up to 250 employees) and 750,000 euros in the case of large enterprises.

Amount of funding:
1. – In the case of creation, expansion or relocation of industrial facilities: 65% of the budget.
Two. – Investment For structured improvement plans in industrial companies: 75% of the budget.

Features of aid:
In the form of 4.925% loan with a repayment term of 10 years and with a lack of three years.

Deadline for submission of dossiers:
Until June 17, 2013

We are at your disposal to ampliaros information.


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