10 de November de 2016 By webmastergafic

AEAT postponed SII system

Dear customers,

Before the alarm raised by the news published in some media regarding the immediate supply system System (IBS), the REAF REGAF-General of the Council of Economists we just reported that in the last meeting of the Forum of tax Professionals confirmed by the tax Agency responsible for this tax obligation will not enter into force on 1 January 2017 as initially planned.

The development of regular game that had IBS was subjected to public for some time, but the fact that the state government was in office has caused the temporary cessation of the project.

More information about SII http://www.agenciatributaria.es/static_files/AEAT/Contenidos_Comunes/Diversos/Novedades/2015/Noviembre/Suministro_informacion_IVA.pdf

Hoping that the information is useful to greet you cordially.

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