Accounting services


This service is a necessary precondition to perform and present companies’ tax and commercial obligations.

This service is adapted according to the needs of each customer:

– If the customer is interested in managing and controlling the company at all times, we offer a very intuitive and practical accounting program to enter accounting entries without the need to have any knowledge of the subject
– If the customer is interested, he/she may at any time entrust the accounting to our consulting and we will prepare the accounting.
Such option is mainly aimed at self-employed entrepreneurs and small enterprises willing to make the best of their time.

Our comprehensive consulting service includes the following:

– Accounting planning
– Preparation of accounting, adapted to the Standard Chart of Accounts of every sector
– Invoices and accounting documents requirements
– Preparation of balance sheets and profit and loss accounts
– Preparation of inventories
– Depreciations and amortizations, adjustments and accounting close at the end of every business year
– Preparation of annual accounts
– Preparation of financial and accounting statements
– Financial and economic analysis

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