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Accounting books, records and telematic partners

The Commercial Register requires a company to submit the form electronically in April, along with books and journal Inventories and Annual Accounts, the book of Acts and the Register of Members, in the case of the Limited Partnership.

All societies must submit novelty records to collect agreements that society is obliged to incorporate exercise book of Acts of 2014. You can not use books that have legalized paper also be incorporated a measure of closing the books on paper.

Gafic, SLP is in a position to present, if they wish, the Book of Acts with which pertains to the Distribution of Income for the year 2013 which was held in 2014 and which must contain the approval of salary corresponding to the shareholders of the Company but do not know whether the company has conducted an operation that should be noted as such by an Act of the year 2014, and should be incorporated into the Book of Acts to submit to NMercantil registry. (Among these operations could be the granting of a loan, a mortgage, buying an asset at the time of the operation before the Notary this may Debio prepare the report in which the transaction is approved).

The Register of Members on the movements of subscription, purchase or sale of shares reflect the SL must also be submitted made in 2014..por what should inform before next April 10 to complete that book.

If Gafic, S.L.P. you can make the Book of Acts and the Register of Members, if appropriate, refer the Act of Distribution of Income 2013 to be signed by the administrator or administrators and send it back to incorporate the aforementioned book.

Hoping that we indicate as soon as possible if we make these books to present along with books and Inventory Journal and Financial Statements.

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