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232 Model of information on transactions with related persons or entities.

We present the new model 232 of information on transactions with related persons or entities.

Taxpayers of Corporation Tax and Non-Resident Income Tax must file model 232 before November 30, reporting the total of transactions they have made in 2016 with related companies, provided they have made a global of their usual operations that exceed 250,000.- €, not including VAT, and if 100,000.- € are exceeded during the year if they are with individuals who are taxed by modules, if they are property transfer and operations of intangibles or business transmission, shares or securities.
This model must also be submitted by the companies that invoice a related company, more than 50% of the total income due to their activity in the company. (Example a company that rents the ship to a company of the same partners or related persons even if it is for 80,000.- € per year and this company has only of income 140,000.- including the aforementioned 80,000.- €)

At GAFIC we have contacted all of our clients who were affected by related operations, if you believe that you must make model 232, please inform us during this month.

We remain at your disposal for any questions you may have,

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