14 de February de 2019 By webmastergafic

10 years using Odoo

This year we celebrated 10 years since we started using accounting with Odoo, the free software ERP that is used by more than 4 million users worldwide, Open ERP now called Odoo. We continue collaborating more than ever, we are official partners of Odoo, we support and advise new developments, the community, we founded the Spanish Odoo Association, we contribute with OCA and the Odoo world in general.

That is why we are going to give a gift to all Odoo users in Spain, and we will share the knowledge obtained in these years of tax, accounting and labor advice with Odoo. Next March 4, 2019 you can not miss this Odoo accounting training completely free of charge in our offices in Madrid.

You can register HERE and remember that places are limited!
The training program will be as follows:
1.- Billing
We will post sales invoices from orders, create customers, products and analyze retail sales flows.

2.- Purchases and expenses
We will post invoices for purchases and expenses, creating products and accounting sub-accounts, as well as accounting for assets and their automatic depreciation.

3.- Bank and payments (N43)
We will learn how to manage the treasury of the company according to its maturities and how to carry out the bank reconciliation with the import of rule 43

4.- Reports and configuration
We will explain how to create assets and their amortizations, OCA reports, AEAT tax returns and basic accounting configuration

5.- Questions
It’s your moment, ask what you need to know about Odoo’s accounting, we’ll help you solve it!


We will wait for you!



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